Mar 18, 2009

PALS Part Deux

We enjoyed our time with the kids from PALS today during their monthly monoprint workshop. They learned how to mix the color orange and did their first still life paintings. We are finding out who the true artists are. Each child had their chance to create an original monoprint from start to finish. After all the press work was done Randy thought the group how to draw cartoons with a line by line -follow along technique. We look forward to their next visit! Check out the pics on Picasa.

Thank you to Michelle LeBlanc and Tim Dillett and team for all their hard work and dedication.

Mar 17, 2009

Art Supply Donation

Karolyn Walker, a member of the Mariachi San Luis and a student of Helen Vessels, has been selected to be a R.A.I.N. art supply recipient. She is a very gifted student who has had a rough go in recent times. After a long discussion with Helen and some interviews and art coaching on Randy's part we all agreed that Karolyn was well deserving of this boost. We are hopeful that this inspiration will lead to qualification for a complete art scholarship at Adams State College the future.