Mar 13, 2009

Jesus Sanchez "Master Printermaker Extradinaire"

Jesus is one of our favorite students here at Ventero. He is a student at Centennial School and participates in our R.A.I.N. program. We've been teaching him reductive block prints.

Mar 11, 2009

How a Reduction Block Works

Reduction block prints get their name because you reduce or cut away your block for each new color. What you do is carve a little and print all your prints in the lightest/darkest color (depending on your paper color), then carve some more and print all your prints in the next lightest/darkest color, carve some more and print in a darker/lighter color yet, and so on. One thing to realize right at the beginning is that you can't go back and print more of the first color after you start carving for the second color! You will always be making a limited edition. If the second stage of your carving is the most beautiful stamp you've ever carved, and you go on to a third stage, tough luck! Print lots of copies right at the beginning -- more than you think you want, because you'll probably ruin a few in later stages.

Before I start my reduction print I need to already have a design in mind.
I chose to do a flower...the nice thing about choosing a flower is that its natural so there's nothing right or wrong about it. It'll still look nice even if I take a little creative freedom. At least that's my theory...
I'm going to print on black paper so I need to cut out everything that I want to remain black. Once I've done that I need to print my darkest color first (since I'm printing on black paper).

I've chosen to do these prints in three colors (red, orange and yellow). At this point I need to print my is an example of what that looks like.

This is my orange layer, after cutting away all the surface area that I wanted to remain red...

Next, the final yellow layer, after cutting away the surface area that I wanted to remain orange.

Happy printing,

Mark Your Calendar's

Just wanted to remind everyone of a couple of important dates coming up. First one is March 21st, which is Open Mic Night. The second is March 28th, The Alamosa Art Walk. Ventero will have work displayed at Hospice del Valle. Hope to see you all at the different events.